New Body Jewellery

Our professional piercer always uses high quality titanium
jewellery and he has expanded his range to give you a much greater choice when
you come in for your piercing. We now have an extensive range of single and
doubled jeweled Naval bars, micro gemmed Labret bars and Gemmed nosed studs.
Our gemmed jewellery comes in a wide variety of colours; light blues, dark
blues, purple, pink, turquoise, rainbow and green. All the jewellery conforms
to the EU directive for initial piercings which states there must be a nickel
content below 0.05%

Piercing Price List

Individual Jewellery-£5

Ears-£10 (each)

Ears- Tragus, Rook, Snug £15 ring £20 bar

Scaffold – £30


Eyebrow- £15 – £20 depending on jewellery

Facial- Labret, Monroe, Septum etc. £15 ring £20 bar

Naval – £20 – £25 depending on jewellery

Surface – £25

Tongue – £25

Dermal Anchors – £40 ( discounts formultiple piercings,  over 5)

Nipple- £15 ring £20 bar

Genital – £30-£70 (depending onPlacement)

Discounts can be arranged for large group bookings

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